Snoop de dupe

Snoop de dupe

premier file de-duplication

What is Snoop de dupe?


Snoop de dupe is a fully featured file de-duplication software tool which will automatically scan for duplicate files anywhere on your server and easily allow you to delete, keep, or hard-link duplicate files to conserve, and optimize, your hard disk storage.


How can Snoop de dupe work for you?


Follow the simple installation process and select the folders you want Snoop de dupe to watch for duplicate files. After which, Snoop de dupe will automatically scan existing files and watch new/changed files for potential duplicates. You will be notified of all duplicate files at which time you can either delete, keep, or hard-link duplicate files as desired.


What platforms does Snoop de dupe support?


The Snoop de dupe software supports Microsoft Windows Server platforms from Windows Home Server V1 though Windows Server 2012 Essentials.


Where can I find more details about the Snoop de dupe software?


Continue reading below to review product features and see screen-shots of the software. You can browse our support blog for details on installing, using, and maintaining the software.  Finally, you can purchase or download a trial of the software.


  • Snoop de dupe features

    • Supports Windows Server 2012 Essentials
    • Supports Windows Home Server 2011 and Windows Home Server V1
    • Supports Small Business Server 2011 Essentials and Storage Server 2008 R2
    • Batch-mode to easily manage large quantities of duplicate files
    • Localized in both English and German languages
    • Automatic, real-time continuous file de-duplication scanning
    • 160-bit SHA-1 de-duplication hash for optimum results
    • Windows Home Server Dashboard/Console integration
    • Pause and Resume operation at any time for maximum efficiency of your server
    • Select any folders of your choosing on your server for de-duplication scanning
    • Simple, easy-to-view heads-up status display to monitor progress
    • Configurable resource limiter (CPU usage and worker thread priority)
    • Free software updates
    • Exclude files from duplication based on file name, file size, folder name, and attributes
    • Easy to navigate list for: deleting, hard-linking, and ignoring duplicate files
    • Quick-launch feature allows for viewing contents of duplicate files
    • One-click "copy to clipboard" to simplify management and tracking of duplicate files
    • 15 day free trial available
  • Standard

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  • Highlights:


    All scanned file data is hashed using the SHA-1 cryptographic hash function and remains secure on your local server within a local secure database. No personal data ever gets routed outside of your server

    Cost Effective

    A one-time purchase gives you access to the entire software product as well as all future upgrades

    Works in the Background

    A smart service, Snoop de dupe always works in the background watching for new and changed files to match potential duplicate files. Once matched, duplicate files are automatically added to the duplicate file list for your attention

    Easy to Use

    After a simple installation, you have easy access to all product features directly in your server Dashboard. Delete, hard-link, or ignore duplicate files as you require on your own schedule


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    Snoop de dupe is one of my core server add-in's of choice. As a central storage repository in my house, my home server always winds up with duplicate files in various shares that I had no idea about. But, thanks to Snoop de dupe, these files are automatically located for me so I can reclaim valuable storage space! Thank you for creating this invaluable tool.


    Jeb H.

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    Gold! Snoop de dupe is an amazing add-in that I recommend to everyone running a Windows server. It runs quietly in the background; I never know it’s running until a see new an updated list of duplicate files pop-up in my servers Dashboard. I’ve been using Snoop de dupe for about three months and have already reclaimed over 15 GB of storage space! This add-in is a keeper and well worth the low price.


    Eric S.